Why Does Everyone Want Their Crushes To Run Them Over?

From L to R: Sandra Oh, a car, Timothee Chalamet. Photo: Getty ImagesOne of the most revolutionary features of the internet is that it’s provided a space in which people can broadcast their innermost desires, to large swaths of strangers, in a multitude of creative ways. Last year saw some magnificent examples, from flash fanfiction about Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s calf-cramping proficiency in bed to lust for the mom from the animated Pixar film Incredibles 2 . Amidst all this unmitigated passion, one particularly wild form of expression has become increasingly common: People are begging their crushes to run them over.Who, exactly, is being asked to do this extremely reckless driving? BTS and One Direction band members. Delicate man Timothée Chalamet. Large, less-delicate man Adam Driver. Even larger man Jason Momoa. Ariana Grande, especially after she posted a photo of herself in front of a car. Danny DeVito. YouTube star Seth Everman even pleaded, “stop commenting ‘run me over daddy’ i don’t have a driver’s license.” The night of the Golden Globes, Twitter was lit up with people aching for celebrities to inflict grievous bodily harm on them, from one tweet that read: “excuse me while I lie down in the street and wait for Sandra Oh to run me over with a car” to a Taylor Swift fan wishing that the pop star would “run me over with a tank and throw what’s left in a wood chipper.”> wish she'd run me over with a tank and throw what's left in a wood chipper xxxx> > — Bryson ???? (@taylmesomething) January 7, 2019> i want Rami Malek to run me over with a bus> > — ???????????? ♥ (@moonlightmalek) November 14, 2018> run me over, back up and run me over again ma’am ????> > — d ????follow limit (@lMAGINARl) January 8, 2019At its heart, “run me over” — along with tangential longings, like “throw me off a building” — is a curious sentiment. It’s simultaneously over-the-top and relatively chaste. On a scale of “I want Stanley Tucci to take me out to a nice pasta dinner” to “I want Colin Firth to choke me out during sex,” it’s precisely in the middle; there is no actual sexual activity involved, but it conveys a catastrophic level of desire.Delaney Graves, 21, told me that she’s been active in “stan” culture since she was 13 and first encountered similar phrasing on Tumblr shortly afterward, although it was more extreme. “It was definitely intended to be shock humor, not some dark underbelly of the culture where they fantasize about being murdered by their faves, but even this form of the joke was a bit too much for me and I didn’t participate,” Graves said. “It wasn’t until I shifted onto Twitter and saw the more subtle versions of this joke — ‘run me over,’ ‘punch me in the face,’ ‘steal my money’ — that I felt more comfortable posting my versions of it.” (Some of th ...Read more

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