Investigation: UPS Tunisia to the rescue of Nidaa Tounes

Muddled accountsContacted by Nawaat, Anis Riahi denied that the check went to footing the bill for party affairs. «  We organized a training seminar in the context of Express Logistic activities. What’s the problem?  » he responded. But his version of the facts is hardly credible when we compare the amount displayed on the hotel invoice (8,691.8 dinars) with a virtually equivalent sum written out on Express Logistic’s check (8,691.2 dinars). Another telling coincidence: Express Logistic’s check was made out for December 23, end date of Nidaa ...Read more

Montant Problème Avant Dinars Conférence Nationale Hôtel Propriétaire Facture Séminaire Date Décembre Le meilleur Tunisie Anis Riahi Kacem Makhlouf Nawaat Nidaa Tounes

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