The best radio apps for Android 2019

From the most niche podcasts to the biggest commercial stations - everything is right at your fingertips, so you can spend the rest of your life listening to your favorite radio stations or discovering new ones. Here is our list of the best radio apps you can get for your Android device.FM radio for smartphonesTheoretically, you can receive FM radio via your smartphone, although that's becoming harder with the removal of the headphone jack on many smartphones - the plug acts as an antenna, and since USB-C headphones don't have it, they can't perform the same function.Some Android smartphones have a system app that can be operated like a conventional car radio - it searches for stations, will save your favorites, and you can listen with headphones, the internal speaker or via Bluetooth.Unfortunately, radios are a pure receiving medium, so you won't be able to search for specific tracks or skip songs. Also, only a few FM radio apps will allow you to record. If you're interested in these things you'd best go for a web-based app like Audials (see below).Most standard radio apps are not really feature-packed. / © AndroidPIT If you don't have a radio app installed, getting one can be easily done via the Play Store. Something like Smart Radio FM is clean and simple to use. You can choose your country and then your preferred FM radio station. It's even better than a real FM Radio as it lets you access regional stations that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. You can browse stations if you are not sure what you are looking for and even favorite your most listened to station in your favorites list.Smart Radio FM is one of the cleanest and easiest to use FM radio apps. / © AndroidPIT AudialsThe app itself is very well designed, so it leaves a good first impression in terms of its functionality. The main selling point is the range of radio stations and settings it includes, as this is excellent. This radio fan managed to put together a list of his favorite songs within a few minutes. According to the developer, there are over 80,000 stations available and, as you would expect, includes numerous podcasts and recordings of interesting radio programs.Thanks to its excellent design you'll easily find the station you're looking for: / © ANDROIDPIT If you want you can also transfer your music from Audials via Chromecast to your TV. Another added bonus is that you can record and save music without having to worry about copyright issues. This data can be transferred to an SD card. Audials can also be used on the PC .In the Pro version, you can record pieces of music automatically and create large collections of your favorite hits. You'll be able to listen to this offline. We'll be able to show how to do this after we've completed a more detailed test.Audials Radio ProBBC iPlayer RadioThe official BBC iPlayer Radio app does exactly what it says on the tin. It delivers all of your favorite BBC Radio Stations from the UK and the World Service, including the ever-excellent Six Music and the engaging BBC Radio 4. You can also use the Catch Up feature to listen to shows again or ones you may have missed. The video and audio clips of live performances are also a highlight.The BBC iPlayer Radio app on Android. / © AndroidPIT BBC iPlayer RadioNPR OneRadio is not only for listening to music! It can also be one of the best sources of news. This is why we couldn't skip the NPR (National Public Radio) Android app - NPR One. It allows you to listen to stories, podcasts and more, both from your local radio station, and NPR itself. The interface of the app is minimalist and easy to use, with the ability to pause, skip and share news.NPR One has a simple and easy to use interface. / © AndroidPIT The radio app also adapts to your preferences over time, selecting stories relevant to your interests. However, top news of the day will always be present, so you can stay informed. The best part, however, is that you can listen to any content on the go without having to reach for your smartphone, thanks to compatibility with Android Auto and Wear OS. NPR One is one of the best Android radio apps for news, so if you're hungry for informative content grab it for free on Google Play.NPR OneRadioDroid 2We can also highly recommend the open-source app RadioDroid, which is available in the Play Store. Even if the app doesn't win any prizes for its design, the app stands out thanks to its elaborate layout and great functionality.Search for tags or just browse. / © AndroidPIT The app database is based on information available from, a kind of wiki source for radio stations. Radio stations from all over the world are listed with key words. Through tags like 320 kbps you will find high-quality recordings, or select 30s or 40s for the decade of your choice. A tip on tags leads you to the list with the corresponding search results.Sign up, go back and admire the stats. / © AndroidPIT You can also record programs and listen to them later, even if you have no reception. Your data consumption is constantly displayed t ...Read more

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