Over 1mn march in London for a new Brexit referendum

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) *Petition calling for the whole Brexit process to be scrapped shoots past the 4-mn mark Demonstrators from around Britain marched in London on Saturday to call for a second referendum on the country's departure from the EU, with organisers putting the number of participants at more than 1mn. Meanwhile, a petition calling for the whole Brexit process to be scrapped shot past the 4-mn mark. Prime Minister Theresa May is strongly against both options, but currently faces a deadlock both with parliament - which refuses to endorse her plan for Brexit - and with Brussels - which refuses to alter the deal it negotiated with May over the last two years. A similar rally calling for a second referendum in October attracted an estimated 700,000 people. The organisers of Saturday's march described it as one of the biggest protest marches in British history, and said it had far exceeded expectations. The police gave no figures on the number of participants. Campaigners marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square from midday, followed by a rally in front of Parliament. Many carried blue and yellow EU flags or were dressed in these colours, while others carried Union Jack flags. While the country and its politicians are divided over Brexit, most agree it is the most important strategic decision the United Kingdom has faced since World War Two. London mayor Sadiq Khan from the opposition Labour party was at the head of the march, and tweeted: "We are the people - and when it comes to Brexit we want a say over our future." Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon said she was "proud to speak" at the march. May has repeatedly dismissed calls for a second referendum desp ...Read more

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