The Case For The Pre-Wedding Honeymoon, AKA The 'Funnymoon'

Weddings! Everyone suffers temporary insanity while planning theirs, and the reward at the end of that agonizing journey — aside from new dinnerware and hot, god-sanctioned sex — is a week or two of decadent luxury on a vacation known as the “honeymoon.” Trouble is, because it comes after the big day, the honeymoon can feel like an afterthought, or even a comedown. Is it possible we’ve been doing it all wrong?Newlyweds have tried different approaches to get the most out of this moment in their relationship, including separate honeymoons, or “solomoons,” where each party is free to do whatever they want, without compromise. But let’s say you, um, actually enjoy spending time with your significant other? In that case, you might think about a pre -wedding honeymoon, also known as a “funnymoon.”> Why bump up the travel dates? Let us count the reasons.Post-Wedding BurnoutA wedding is a party, and it hits you like a monster truck full of all your friends and relatives. No matter how responsibly you rage at the reception, I can tell you this with utmost confidence: You will not want to wake up at 4 a.m. the next day to catch a 12-hour flight to a country where you don’t speak the language. You’ll probably need an entire day of recovery, if not a long weekend of weed, brunch and lazy makeouts. Go hiking in Thailand a couple months prior, when your body is better prepared for it.Takes the Pressure OffThe expectation of world-shattering intercourse on your wedding night and throughout the honeymoon that follows is… not super realistic. You don’t hit a switch that takes you from “regular boning” to “romance novel hypereroticism.” And that’s fine! You’re probably racking up plenty of spicy fuck sessions during the engagement, no need to pack a whole suitcase with gags and buttplugs and clamps because you feel obligated to push the envelope. A funnymoon sheds most of this traditional baggage, allowing you to simply take pleasure in each other — and a much-needed break from the annoyance of picking out your napkins and table centerpieces.One Last Chance to Recognize a MistakeIan McEwan’s 2007 novel On Chesil Beach tells the story of a young couple whose honeymoon ends in disaster and an annulment of marriage, because they didn’t genuinely know one another. All things being equal, maybe better to have that epiphany in the weeks leading up to “I do.” Imagine it: You arrive in Paris only to find out your partner do ...Read more

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