PlayStation Store will now refund preorders and games, but only if you haven’t downloaded them

Sony has enacted a refund policy for purchases made from the PlayStation Store. This is kicking off today — no coincidence, given that Sony just cut off third-party retailers from selling digital download codes for products redeemable on the PlayStation Store. The terms for refund differ slightly depending on the type of content you’re returning, but with the exception of subscriptions like PS Plus and PS Now, you won’t be able to get credit back on a purchase once you play it — or even download it. For preorders, you have up to 14 days from the purchase date to receive a refund, but only if you haven’t started to download or stream the content — this includes preloading. If you’re eligible to get your money back, Sony will return it to the original payment method. This is the best-case scenario.Things are worse for games that are already released and all DLC, including season passes. You still have 14 days from the day of purchase to get a refund if you haven’t downloaded or played the content. What’s worse is that instead of getting a refund to the original payment method, you’ll get PSN wallet credit. To avoid frustration with its refund process, Sony suggests turning off the “Automatic Downloads” function, so that you don’t accidentally invalidate yourself from getting a refund.Sony suggests turning off the “Automatic Downloads” functionIt’s safe to say that most PS4 owners probably have the “Automatic Downloads” feature on, as it lets you jump right into the game when you get some free time. The worst part of owning a console is waiting for a game to download, or even a last-minute patch to be installed. The new refu ...Read more

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