Cloudflare's DNS gets a free VPN with Warp

Last year, Cloudflare made the interesting decision to launch its DNS app on April 1, which, despite being a troublesome date, does match the name of the service. Now, celebrating its first birthday, the firm has announced the next step in its evolution, Warp. was meant to provide both greater speeds and more security to your internet traffic, and Warp aims to make that even better by encrypting the data you send and receive from your phone. As the company explains in a blog post, VPNs traditionally slow down the experience and can cause issues with a variety of scenarios, such as transitioning from Wi-Fi to the mobile network or accessing the internet through a captive portal.Warp aims to not only protect your privacy online, but it aims to improve the connections speeds and reliability over typical VPN connections, which Cloudflare says can be a hard sell for users who don't know what VPN means. The firm says it will leverage its massive infrastructure to deliver fast connections to users all over the world, and that it might actually make your internet faster than you're used to. The worse your connection is right now, the better it'll be with Warp, Cloudflare claims.Additionally, the technology is designed t ...Read more

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