I Found Out My Boyfriend Cheated On Me The Same Week He Was Diagnosed With Cancer, And Other Advice Column Questions

​​​​There are too many excellent (and crazy) advice columns to keep up with, so we're committed to bringing you links to the best advice column questions and answers every week. Here's a roundup of the most interesting, thought-provoking and surprising questions that our favorite columnists (and subreddits) addressed in recent days.​​I Found Out My Boyfriend Was Cheating The Same Week That He Was Diagnosed With Cancer> I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me the same week his test results came back confirming he has cancer, a highly aggressive kind. I went from bawling my eyes out and planning on deleting his number to holding him on the couch as he fell apart weeping. He begged me to stay and forgive him. I didn’t know what to do. I told him I forgave him and that I still loved him. I don’t. The truth festers in the back of my mind every time I get stressed or have to come over to care for him or talk to his family. All of them knew he was cheating on me—his brothers would cover for him when he was out with this girl when I called up. His mother even told me to my face how thankful she is that we “patched things up” since the other girl wouldn’t be here like I have been. My boyfriend is facing brutal sessions of chemo and my only escape is work. All our friends tell me how brave I am, but I feel like a fraud and a chump. If I had broken up with him immediately, I would have been home-free. If he hadn’t gotten sick, I could be publicly mad and then move on—and worse, I know if the shoe was on the other foot, he would have left me. I am trapped. I don’t want to make my boyfriend any sicker. I don’t want him to die, but I also don’t want to devote the next several months to playing nurse to him. If I leave him now, I will get crucified. I mentioned still being hurt by his infidelity to a friend I considered myself close to; she asked how I can feel that way when he has cancer. Please help me. [Slate] Daniel Mallory Ortberg acknowledges that the writer's situation is, indeed, "unbearably painful" and advises her to look after herself and leave. Read the rest of his answer here.I Think My Parents Love My Twin Brother More Than Me Commenters over at r/relationships are in general agreement that something is amiss and that u/AwpticIllusion should, indeed, take a step back from his parents, though some caution that it may be a side effect of his brother's move away and a case of "absence makes the heart grow fonder." [Reddit] My Husband And I Were Separated For Several Months And He Got His Girlfriend Pregnant Before We Reconciled> My husband and I separated last year and reconciled several months later. When we decided to get back together, he broke it off with his girlfriend. A month later she contacted him to inform him that she's pregnant with his child. She's due in a few months.> > My husband and I disagree about how things should be handled when the child arrives. She says I'm not allowed to come to the hospital with him and meet the baby. I say that going without me is absurd, and any child that belongs to my husband is a part of my life, too. However, he says she is in charge of the situation. I'm worried that when the baby is born I'll be at home alone with a broken heart. Where should I draw the line with my husband? [UExpress] Abigail van Buren agrees that the baby will be part of the writer's life, but also really wants to know if the baby is, provably, the writer's husband's. Read the rest of her answer here.I Sponsored A Relative I Didn't Know Well For Immigration, And I Just Found Out He's Bigoted. What Do I Do? > I agreed to sponsor a cousin’s immigration application, which involved affirming I can and will provide the applicant with a financial safety net for seven years. I’d met the cousin only once, but I count his aunts among my favorite relatives and was told by his father that he is financially independent, hardworking and eager to contribu ...Read more

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