Terrorist infiltration a ‘certainty’, Italian ports stay closed for migrant boats – Salvini

The presence of terrorists on migrant boats has become a “certainty,” Italian Interior Minister says, adding that his country’s ports will remain closed to those crossing the Mediterranean. It comes amid fresh clashes in Libya. “ Islamic terrorist infiltration is no longer a risk, it has become a certainty: it is therefore my duty to reiterate that no docking will be allowed on Italian shores, ” Matteo Salvini said in a radio interview this Wednesday.Given the recent failure of an attempted blitz on the Libyan capital by Libyan National Army officer Khalifa Haftar, Salvini believes the number of combatants infiltrating migrant ships is growing.While drawing fire from pro-migrant groups for what they say is abandoning the refugees, Salvini says migrant rescue operations have to ...Read more

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