My Iftar at : Eldar Residence Hotel Tunis

My Iftar at « eldar » Residence hotel  Tunis, I will probably never stop saying it and writing it, The Residence hotel for me represents the elegant luxury of timeless hotels: a Moorish style mastered with excellence, a soft lighting, the smell of Neroli and very beautiful canvases hanging on the walls.I head towards eldar, the hotel’s Tunisian restaurant, the name is refined and full of meaning and emotion. The staff tells me how important it is for them to make guests feel at home. The restaurant is intimate, with barely forty chairs, and just seeing the front door makes me smile. I notice the delicacy of the decoration; it is an old restored door.Inside, in addition to the calligraphic dishes of Kesra 88, there’s also the Hanout 7ajem hanging on the wall, the old oven on which Turkish coffee is still being prepared and the magnificent canvases hanging on the wall.The kitchen conductor is none other than our Tunisian star, Chef wafik Belaid, his talent and creativity are now proven facts and no longer a surprise.The management of the hotel is 100%, Tunisian: Mr Belkhodja, as general manager, Mrs Harbaoui, as deputy manager, Mr Benzarti as sales manager, and Mr Channoufi as F&B manager, are the pillar ...Read more

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