In a new music video, Earth’s climate is baroque

Climate change is a pressing issue, but it can often feel distant and abstract. To make it resonate in people’s minds, one scientist turned dry data points into achingly beautiful music, making the frightening changes to our planet audible.The short piece, In Nomine Terra Calens, translates to “In the Name of a Warming Earth.” It’s by seismologist Lucy Jones, who turned temperature data from 1880 to the present into music to illustrate the speed at which the world is warming. Jones spent decades of her professional life studying earthquakes with the United States Geological Survey, but she’s also a gifted musician. Jones plays a stringed instrument called the viol, and has spent years working on a project that combined her passion for science and baroque music. (Jones is a member of Los Angeles Baroque, a community orchestra.)Jones writes in an blog post that she “sometimes hears the data” she sees in graphs and papers about climate change. “I find these graphs terrifying and I struggle to understand why so many people accept this without fear,” she writes. She was inspired to set her fears and the facts to music after she heard works by other researchers and artists that also set temperature data to music. But instead of just associating notes with temperatures, she took it one step farther, deciding to ground her work in the baroque period by using a style of music ...Read more

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