White House posts call for social media censorship stories, triggering hope & cynicism

The Trump administration is asking victims of social media censorship to share their stories, promising to “fight for free speech online” and exciting conservatives who feel their plight has been ignored. “ No matter your views, if you suspect political bias has caused you to be censored or silenced online, we want to hear about it! ” the White House tweeted with a link to a form where users could fill in the details of their persecution at the hands of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or “ other .”Of the named platforms, only Twitter had anything to say about the administration’s call for stories, responding that it enforces its terms of service “ impartially ” without regard to “ background or political affiliation .” President Donald Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last month at the White House just hours after complaining (via Twitter) that the platform didn’t “ treat [him] well as a Republican ,” and Dorsey has admitted in the past that they’ve been “ too aggressive ” in banning right-wing users, but many complain that nothing has changed. Many Trump supporters saw the call for stories as the answer to their prayers, almost a year after first Alex Jones and then hundreds more non-mainstream users were deplatformed.> Trump is coming through on his campaign promises AND now defending our freedom of speech in an unprecedented way! This is phenomenally exciting!> > — ????????⭐️Trump⭐️Lane⭐️???????? (@Mystfire77) May 16, 2019> It's why he invited Jack to the Whitehouse. He gave him a chance to do the right thing. Instead, he amped up the censorship. It's not going to bode well for him.> > — PrideandPrejudice (@JaneLizzyBennet) May 15, 2019Others, not taking any chances, posted their stories to Twitter as well.> RULES OF ENGAGEMENT There are two sets of rules One for them—One for us Michael Moore was not suspended for using the phrase “Crash and Burn” —nor should he have been & neither should I. But I was. I had to delete my tweet & serve a 7 day ...Read more

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