French ‘serial killer doctor’ accused of poisoning 50+ patients to revive them & impress colleagues

A French doctor has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning over 50 patients in order to impress his colleagues by stepping in at the last moment to “save” them, according to prosecutors who likened him to a “pyromaniac fireman.” Anesthesiologist Frederic Pechier has been taken into custody regarding 42 “ serious adverse events ,” including 20 deaths, which happened on his watch during the 17 years he worked at clinics and hospitals in Besançon, in eastern France.Pechier interfered with the anesthesia pouches used by colleagues in order to swoop in at the last minute and rescue the distressed patients, prosecutors claim, gaining him the respect of his fellow doctors and the admiration of his victims. And his alleged scheme appears to have worked – his peers reportedly considered him a “ brilliant ” anesthesiologist.Also on ‘Shadow of death’: Serial killer nurse sentenced to 8 life sentences for murder of elderly patients “ If these cases of poisoning are proven, he would be one of the biggest serial killers in the history of France ,” said Me Berna, lawyer for several of ...Read more

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