Falcon Slayers: Indian hero pilot’s squadron gets new patches for F-16 downing denied by Pakistan

New patches of distinction to honor the downing of a Pakistani F-16 by Indian MIG-21s in a tense dogfight in February have been awarded to the Indian Air Force’s 51st Squadron – even though Islamabad firmly denies the loss. The patch depicts a MIG-21 Bison as the centerpiece with a red-colored F-16 in crosshairs in the background. ‘AMRAAM Dodger’ is written at the top of the design with ‘Falcon Slayer’ inscribed at the bottom.> Wg Cdr Abhinandan Varthaman’s unit is using new patch showcasing his bravery by calling itself the ‘Falcon Slayer’ for striking down a Pak F-16 during Feb 27 aerial battle. Unit also calls itself AMRAAM dodgers as MiG-21 evaded 4-5 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles fired by Pakistani F-16> > — ANI (@ANI) May 15, 2019 “Patches instill a sense of pride in not only the present generation of pilots but also future ones. It gives a sense of achievement to the pilot,” Group Captain Anupam Bannerjee said.Meanwhile, another Indian squadron that flies Sukhoi-30 jets, which also participated in the Pakistani raid, received a patch that portrays an SU-30 dodging AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Ra ...Read more

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