US adds Chinese telecom Huawei to trade blacklist

Huawei Technologies and 70 of its affiliates have been placed on a trade blacklist, the US Department of Commerce has confirmed, after President Donald Trump declared an emergency targeting telecoms owned by “adversaries.” The addition of Huawei to the “Entity List” maintained by Commerce will make it more difficult for the Chinese telecom giant to buy parts and components from US companies and sell products in the US.Also on ‘National emergency’: Trump bans Huawei & other ‘adversary tech’ from US telecomsSecretary Wilbur Ross announced the move on Wednesday, shortly after Trump made public an executive order declaring a national emergency over risks allegedly posed to US security buy information and communications technology owned, designed or operated by “foreign adversaries.” Justifying the decision, Ross said the Commerce Department had reasonable basis to believe Huawei was “engaged in activiti ...Read more

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