US speaks of peace talks, while ‘holding a gun’ at Tehran – top Iranian official

Iran has pulled no punches with regards to Washington, saying that while the US is urging talks, it simultaneously holds a gun at Tehran. It comes as tensions between two states continue to grow. “The actions of American leaders in exerting pressure and launching sanctions […] while speaking of talks, is like holding a gun at someone and asking for friendship and negotiations,” Rasoul Sanai-Rad, a political deputy of the armed forces command said as quoted news agency Mehr.US President Donald Trump has been recently insisting his country was not on a path of war with Iran and that the latter “will want to talk soon.” That said, two US Navy destroyers entered waters of the Persian Gulf on Thursday. Also on 2 US destroyers enter Persian Gulf amid tensions with IranHawks in Trump’s administration have long been calling for tougher stance on Tehran. Last year, Washington unilaterally pulled out of the ...Read more

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