Why a man in Saskatoon filmed children attacking a woman instead of intervening

A man who filmed children attacking a woman in Saskatoon says he made the hard decision not to intervene because he was concerned about potential implications on his permanent residency application.The graphic video of the assault went viral. Viewers expressed shock and dismay at the violence, but also raised questions about why the man who filmed it did not step in to help the victim.The 29-year-old from Africa contacted CBC to explain what happened. CBC agreed not to name him because he fears for his safety.On Friday, Saskatoon police charged a 13-year-old girl with two counts of assault. One relates to an alleged attack May 13 at Pleasant Hill Park, and the second to the assault captured on video. In a news release, police said there were number of other youths identified as being involved in the assaults but, because they are under the age of 12, no charges will be laid.The 13-year-old appeared in youth court and was released into her parents' custody and will return to court in June.The girl indicated in court that she understood her release conditions that include having no contact with 12 children identified as either persons of interest or suspects in the alleged assaults. The man who recorded the video of a woman being swarmed by young boys and attacked in Pleasant Hill Park -- is speaking out. We are not naming him because of concerns for his safety. The man is 29 years old. He's originally from Africa. He's been in Canada for almost nine years and on Monday he was just days away from getting his permanent residency permit. The man says he was reading on a bench that night when the group of boys began harassing an old man passing by the park. He told them to stop -- and then they began throwing rocks at him. That's when Bonnie Halcrow began recording their actions, and was attacked. The man recorded that assault instead of intervening. He tells us why. 3:14The witness said he'd gone to the inner-city park to meditate and read. He came to Canada in 2010 and was two days away from getting his permanent residency, the culmination of a nine-year journey .He had a lot on his mind, he'd had a rough day and just wanted to gather his thoughts before heading to work.Then he said he saw "kids throwing stones at a guy that was going by. I was like, 'Stop that. That's not right. That's not a very nice thing to do.'"And the kid was like, 'You're not my dad.'"Then, Bonnie Halcrow and her 10-year-old daughter arrived. The 33-year-old from Flin Flon, Man., was in town visiting and came to Pleasant Hill Park so that her daughter could meet a friend.Halcrow says the at ...Read more

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