More climbers die on 'extremely crowded' slopes of Mount Everest

Three Indian climbers have died of exhaustion while descending the crowded slopes of Mount Everest, while an American man who also made it to the top died of probable altitude sickness during descent, mountaineering officials said on Friday.More than 120 climbers scaled the world's highest mountain on Thursday, but some of them were caught in the crowd of people on the slopes, leading to exhaustion, dehydration and death, they said.Nihal Ashpak Bagwan, 27, from India's western city of Pune and Anjali Sharad Kulkarni, 54, from the commercial capital of Mumbai, died on the way down from the summit, at 8,850 metres."Bagwan died of dehydration, exhaustion and tiredness after being caught in the jam of climbers," said Keshab Paudel of the Peak Promotion hiking agency that handled the climber's logistics.Lhakpa Sherpa of another agency, Arun Treks and Expeditions, said his client, Kulkarni, died of weakness while coming down to Camp IV on the South Col of Everest.The deaths were confirmed by Mira Acharya, an official of Nepal's tourism department.Acharya added that 49-year-old Kalpana Das, from India's eastern state of Odisha, also died on Thursday during the descent from the peak, but the exact cause of death was unclear.American Don Cash, 55, died of probable altitude sickness on his way down after reaching the summit on Wednesday, mountaineering officials said.The climber from Utah died near the Hillary Step, at about  8,790 metres, despite ...Read more

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