PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Why George Michael made me change my own will

After reading that George Michael left his £98 million fortune not to his former lovers but to his family and friends, I called my own lawyer to talk about my will.The details of George’s last wishes were so poignant and seemed so well organised, they gave me pause for thought. Of course, I don’t have his millions but I, too, am childless and the quandary of what you do with all you’ve amassed in life is always there.George Michael (pictured in London leaving Madonna's house in 2012) eft his £98 million fortune not to his former lovers but to his family and friendsGeorge left his racehorse stud farm to his widower father so Dad could continue to ‘live at the property and conduct his business there for so long as he wishes’. Lots of legal language, but it meant Dad didn’t have to worry about anything. A son’s final gift.To his two sisters he left the remainder of his vast estate, conferring on his elder sister Yioda the responsibility of distributing some of it between his charities and his friends, seven of whom were named, including the record producer he called his ‘best friend’, his former PA, a backing vocalist and his ultra-loyal publicist.All of these people had one thing in common. They were there for him through good times and bad.His sisters were among the few people he trusted when he was ravaged by drugs and drink in later life; they were regular visitors when he became a recluse. The friends never betrayed him, but instead supported and defended him at every turn. Publicist Connie Filippello, for instance, aggressively insisted to the media his stories of excess were wildly exaggerated — even though she knew they weren’t.In contrast, George left nothing to his former lovers, Kenny Goss and Fadi Fawaz. Some say Kenny — who was with George for 13 years — had already been provided for.But Fadi’s exclusion seems prescient. He’s hardly been loyal to his late ex, tweeting about the night he died and selling the star’s possessions. The hairdresser is even squatting in George’s London mansion.What his will reveals is a piercing insight into a keen judge of character. An immensely generous individual who did all manner of good works anonymously, he was someone who valued his true friends above all else.I just hope the result of my discussions with lawyers about my own will end up reflecting the value I, too, put on friendship and unconditional love.And to those of you who expect to inherit anything of my modest estate, I say one thing: brace yourselves for a little surprise, and remember, a will can quickly cause ill-will.Footie star's a real strikerAs a devout football fan, I am beyond excitement that the Women’s World Cup started last night, with England tipped for glory.For all those cynics who say it’s just girls playing and it’s about as thrilling as waiting for the spin cycle to finish, think again. Ace striker Toni Duggan (pictured) is the first English player to sign with Barcelona since Gary Lineker.Plus, I can’t see our top male striker Harry Kane ever looking so fetching in a swimsuit.Island drools, OKWho says Love Island hasn’t moved with the times?When not slurping champagne from flutes, the impossibly perfect contestants all sip from reusable plastic bottles. Trouble is, pharmacist Anna Vakili, 28, right, dubbed the British Kim Kardashian, has lips so engorged, she struggles to manage without dribbling. Terrible legacy of a terroristThe wife of the London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt says she laid flowers where he murdered his victims, standing alongside their loved ones as she did so.‘No one knew I was his wife,’ Zahrah Rehman said at the inquest into the atrocity, where she insisted she ...Read more

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