The 25 Cities With The Most Days Of Pleasant Weather Per Year, Visualized

If you're not a fan of extreme heat or frigid cold (who is?), here are some ideas on where to move when you get tired of your current city. Data scientist Taras Kaduk made this beautiful data viz that shows the 25 cities around the world that have the most "pleasant" days in an average year. According to Kaduk, pleasant days are defined as days when the maximum temperature was under 90°F but above 60°F and the minimum temperature was above 40°F but under 70°F. To qualify as pleasant, the mean temperature of the day also had to between 55°F and 75°F, with no significant snow or rain. It should be noted that Kaduk's methodology doesn' ...Read more

Température Neige Compte Ville Année Personne Beau Mexique Los Angeles Journée Extrême

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