Tech war propaganda: British MPs grill Huawei executive, compare company to Nazi collaborators

The West’s war against Chinese tech giant Huawei was stepped up to absurd levels on Monday as British MPs compared the telecoms manufacturer to the German company which sold lethal gas to the Nazis for use in concentration camps. Huawei is bidding for contracts to build part of the UK's superfast 5G network — a revelation which caused a stir in April and invited increased scrutiny of the company from MPs. Unsurprisingly, much of British officialdom so far seems eager to follow the lead of the US, which has painted the company as a threat to national security, despite lacking any evidence to justify those concerns.Huawei’s global cybersecurity and privacy officer, John Suffolk, was probed on Monday by a group of sanctimonious-sounding MPs, demanding to know if the company had moral objections to working with the Chinese government. It quickly became clear that the MPs were using the committee hearing to fire off more shots in the anti-Huawei propaganda war.Also on US attempt to push Huawei from global market is the first sign of looming tech war - PutinChairman of the Science and Technology Committee, MP Norman Lamb, blasted Suffolk for what he said was Huawei’s “willingness to work with the Chinese government in a province where there are allegedly gross human rights abuses” — a reference to the fact that Huawei technology is used in detention centers where the US claims China is holding up to two million Uyghur Muslims.But Labour MP Graham Stringer went further, suggesting that Huawei was comparable to the company that manufactured Zyklon B, the deadly gas used in Nazi extermination camps, specifically for the purpose of killing people.> “Do you think when we come to write our report it would be fair to compare your company with IG Farben who manufactured Zyklon B and sold it to the German government during the Second World War?” Suffolk naturally rejected the extreme comparison, saying that Huawei follows the laws of the countries in which it operates. Conservative MP Julian Lewis b ...Read more

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