Is Keanu Reeves refusing to touch people in photos because of #MeToo? Should we as well?

We can't know for certain if Keanu Reeves is just shy, or wary of potential sexual harassment accusations – but that both are equally plausible is a terrifying indictment of the state of relations between the sexes. A tweet has gone viral with a compilation of photos featuring the Hollywood actor posing together with women, in which he performs perhaps what is colloquially known as the 'hover hand' – a phenomenon that occurs when two people embrace for a photo op, but one or both leave their fingers an imperceptible distance away from the other. Only, the Matrix star exhibits an almost comically exaggerated version – arms inches away from the waist, open palms exposed to the camera. "See, no touching!" his body language screams.The 'hover hand' predominantly exists as an online meme to mock men lacking the confidence to make physical contact when with an attractive woman, but here a different interpretation was in order. That this was a deliberate pose to avoid producing evidence for a possible claim down the line.Certainly, this need not be the only explanation. Perhaps he is reticent or polite, as he has mentioned in interviews, generally squeamish or specifically uncomfortable making physical contact with strangers during what must b ...Read more

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