Improve Your Sales And Marketing With Powerful Benefit Statements

Benefit statements are clear and concise statements that communicate the benefit of a product, program, or service to the reader. I’m sure you have heard experts preach the successes that come from marketing with benefits and not features. The problem is, when you’re creating content, often the features feel like benefits because you believe wholeheartedly in what you’re selling and you believe every part of the project is important. For prospective clients, however, they don’t care about the features until they understand the benefits.Think about it this way: * Do you get excited to read the owners manual for anything you buy? Doubt it. * Do you always read the instructions for assemble-it-yourself toys or furniture before getting started with assembly? Rarely. Bottom line: In the features vs. benefits marketing debate, benefits will always win because marketing with features is boring. Prospective clients instead want to know how your services will help them or how it will make their life easier. They want to know:  “What’s in it for me?” Subscribe to the Liquid Web newsletter to get more WordPress content like this sent straight to your inbox. How to Market With Benefits For example, when marketing with benefits, ask yourself if it will: * Save them money? * Make them more money? * Save them time? * Reduce effort? * Make things faster? * Create more opportunities? * Make them feel smarter? * Eliminate fear? * Position them as an expert? * Grow their business? * Be more convenient? * Reduce stress? * Increase confidence? * Provide more freedom? * Eliminate frustration or struggle?When you market with features, you make prospects do all the work to figure out how your product or service will benefit them, and when they have to work at making a buying decision, your conversions will suffer.Give your customers, clients, and prospects an easy, no-brainer buying process. Do all the work for them so they are completely clear about the value that you are providing to them. How To Sell BenefitsUltimately, you are selling the final destination the benefits allow them to reach. You can do this in three simple steps: 1. Know what action you want them to take. Will they experience, discover, develop, transform, overcome, achieve, create, build, or capture? 2. Know your ideal clients’ main problems. ...Read more

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