Opera announces new browser dedicated to gaming, rolling out later this year

Opera has unveiled a new browser for Windows PCs that caters specifically to gamers. The Opera GX browser is designed to let users control their PC's CPU and memory usage in order to allocate more computing resources to gaming or streaming for an improved experience.Users can set those limits by toggling on the circle in the browser's control panel. This capability keeps the computing usage of Opera GX within a certain percentage of a PC's resources. Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President at Opera browsers, said:> “Opera GX is built for people who love games and spend a lot of time building their setups. We want to give them a browser to perfectly match their beautiful machines. I have a strong feeling this browser will resonate with the gaming world."Of course, there is an option to customize the browser's appearance. Additionally, it features Twitch integration that allows gamers to sign in to their Twitch account directly from the browser. This is done in the sidebar of Opera GX and users w ...Read more

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