Is 'Toy Story 4' Any Good? Here's What The Reviews Say

 Disney/Pixar'PLEASANTLY UNPREDICTABLE' Is 'Toy Story 4' Any Good? Here's What The Reviews Say It's been nine years since we saw Woody, Buzz and the gang in a tear-jerking end to the "Toy Story" trilogy. The fourth installment (out next Friday, June 21) is premised on the toys pondering the nature of their existence — does it justify its own? Here's what the reviews have to say:Woody Has A Bit Of An Identity Crisis Spurred By Newcomer Forky And The Return Of Bo Peep> Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw) is about to begin kindergarten, and Woody (Tom Hanks) is struggling with the fact that she seems to be losing interest in him. During playtime, he’s left in the closet more often than not, collecting dust and growing anxious. Things get no easier when Bonnie actually makes a new friend at school: Forky, who, being made out of objects found in the trash, seeks to return from whence he came. Thus, Woody finds his second lease on life with Bonnie, battling obsolescence by taking responsibility for Forky’s well-being. [ Polygon ] > Forky’s arrival sparks a journey that’s both geographical and psychological, for Woody and Buzz. With Woody, that comes courtesy of his lost love, Bo Peep, who unexpectedly crosses his path while he’s on the hunt for Forky[...] Buzz, meanwhile, has become complacent in his new routine, and when Woody goes missing again, he’s forced to step up and take charge - but finds himself doubting his own instincts. [ IGN Movies ] People Will Love The Hell Out Of Tony Hale's Forky> I should probably talk about Forky, because everyone’s gonna like Forky[...] Watching him achieve sentience has a wonderful twinge of Frankensteinian horror, as Forky is at first horrified by his newfound existence. He’s almost suicidally determined to assume what he believes is his rightful role as mere garbage. Who hasn’t wanted to yell “trash!” and throw oneself in the waste bin at some point, as Forky repeatedly does? It’s a dark and bracingly good joke, given nutty voice by Tony Hale. [ Vanity Fair ] > I’ll admit it: When I first heard of this Forky, I thought it sounded like something out of an Onion headline. How stupid of me. This is Pixar; of course, they figured out a way to make Forky an endearing, lovable character. [ Chicago Sun-Times ] > Forky alone is enough to elevate this potential cash-grab into the beautiful and hilarious coda that its long-running series needed to be truly complete. Forky is the hero we need in 2019. [ IndieWire ] Woody's Storyline Feels Right, Even After The Seeming Finality Of 'Toy Story 3' > There’s a subtle weariness in Tom Hanks’s performance that speaks to everything Woody has been through over the decades, a sign that this old gunslinger has seen - and lost - too much. That gravitas helps anchor the story, especially when it’s set opposite Forky’s googly-eyed naivete. [ IGN Movies ] > Toy Story 4 wisely feels like less of a new chapter and more like an epilogue, an addendum for Woody that muses on the peculiarities of the symbiotic relationship between toys and humans these movies have long explored. [ The Atlantic ] Bringing Annie Potts Back As Bo Peep Both Does Right By Her Previously Sidelined Role And Deepens Woody's > Now living in the wild as a Lauren Bacall-like “lost toy” with her three-headed Cerberus sheep, Bo has been reborn as Pixar’s version of a Miyazaki heroine; using her staff to navigate the human world like the whole planet was designed as her playpen, she moves through the antiques store with the savage grace of Princess Mononoke, pushing Cooley’s animators to make this the most fluid and enjoyably kinetic Pixar film since “Ratatouille.” [ IndieWire ] > Bo and Woody’s reunion is sweet, but then it turns bitter. While he’s happy to see her, there’s part of him that looks down on the life she lives, making the most of her new circumstances. He can’t see himself living as a self-sufficient toy like her, even though we all see the dead-end situation he’s in. This rings loud and clear for us, the viewers: The need to let go and say goodbye can be so obvious to everyone except the person who has to do it. [ Vox ] The Other New Toys Are Fine Additions, But They Steal Focus Away From The Rest Of The Ensemble > Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key voice carnival toys who look a tad familiar. Peele’s Bunny suggests a bigger-eared Sulley from Monsters Inc , and Key’s Ducky is literally an angry bird. Keanu Reeves plays a daredevil Canadian toy, and John Wick star’s line readings float like rainbow vapor above an undiscovered waterfall. Still, his stunt-casting is the kind of referential gag Pixar used to avoid: Yes, he Whoas . [Entertainment Weekly] > While they’re all good for a few big laughs, they don’t seem like characters who will stick with fans the way one-time newbies like Jesse and Bullseye managed to. The exception, of course, is Forky, who will undoubtedly permanently worm his fuzzy, misshapen arms into all of our hearts and have us wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “I’m trash!” in no time. [ Refinery29 ] > The original crew gets short shrift: You want to see more of them, and what you do ...Read more

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