Apple Spent An Estimated $10,000 Trying To Repair A MacBook Pro When The Fix Was Incredibly Simple

When the photographer Greg Benz started having issues with his MacBook Pro, he did what most people would and brought the $7,000 high-end machine in to Apple for repairs, he said in a blog post. The issue: Benz's MacBook Pro display wouldn't turn on and remained dark no matter what he did. Not even Apple could figure it out. Benz went two weeks without his work machine while Apple twice replaced the computer's logic board (the board that contains the machine's important chips) and swapped out some cables. Eventually, Apple decided to just replace the MacBook Pro with a fresh unit, similarly valued at $7,000. Fortunately for Benz, his original laptop was under warranty, so he didn't have to pay a dime. But he estimated that if he did have to foot the bill, it would have cost him about $10,000 — which tracks with my own experience trying to replace a Mac's logic board. Clearly, it would have really stunk if his laptop was not under warranty. Finally, after all that drama, an Apple Genius shined a flashlight at the screen of his original, problematic unit and found the real answer to the problem. Ready for it? Here it is: The computer's display brightness was turned all the way down. A MacBook Pro's logic board. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider The root of the problem Indeed, the last time he turned off his computer, the brightness was set to its lowest setting, as he had his MacBook Pro connected to external monitors. The root cause of Benz's MacBook Pro issue — which involved several expensive repairs that didn't actually fix anything — is absurdly basic. But if you take a step back, it's not entirely Benz's fault and not entirely the Apple technicians', either. It appears that Benz faced a perfect storm of glitches that led him — and Apple — to think his MacBook Pro was defective or broken. The screen didn't light up when he turned on his computer, the keyboard didn't light up, his external monitor didn't turn on as it normally does, the screen's brightness wasn't responding to the brightness controls on his external keyboard, and he tried some in-depth troubleshooting that many — if not most — Mac users have never heard of (like resetting the system's PRAM, in case you're wondering). And perhaps the most important glitch — the Touch Bar, the touchscreen a ...Read more

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