There is a hole in my neighbours fence that he refuses to fix. What can I do about it?

I am renting a property with my family, which includes two dogs.There is a hole in the right-hand side fence - and the neighbour also happens to be our landlord, but he refuses to fix it.We have tried a few temporary fixes, but the damage is extensive and nothing seems to work. Furthermore, it is not just a standard fence panel that needs replacing. I am concerned as our dogs could easily escape and then exit through a gap under his gate which leads onto a main road, but I am not sure what course of action to take. What can I do?Grace Gausden, This is Money, replies: It is never good having a dispute with your neighbour - especially when they are also your landlord. You have said you have spoken to your landlord about mending the fence but he has not agreed to fix it. One option could be to offer to share the cost of repair with him. While this may not be your responsibility, if it's not an expensive job it would give you peace of mind.  However, if you have tried to resolve the issue with your landlord, don't think you should have to pay or it is too expensive a job, it could be time to take the matter further. While this should be saved for more extreme circumstances, if you feel that the safety of your pets (or children) is compromised, it may well be necessary. At first you could try a mediation service to try and come to a resolution but if that doesn't work then you could take your landlord to court - but this should be saved as an extreme, last resort. We asked experts for their take: John Stewart, policy manager for the Residential Landlords Association, replies: In this situation, I would advise that the tenant takes the steps they need, to protect their pets. As this does not appear to be a security issue related to the property or the tenant, it is unlikely to be the responsibility of the landlord, unless the tenancy agreement explicitly says so.It might also be helpful for the tenant to discuss the matter with her neighbour to establish if some sort of ...Read more

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