CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Is singing Jolene in a film about a death row killer a good idea?

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TV: Is singing Jolene in a film about a death row killer a good idea?By Christopher Stevens for the Daily MailPublished: 02:18 BST, 14 June 2019 | Updated: 07:21 BST, 14 June 2019 Death Row: Countdown To Execution  Rating: Grime And Punishment: Dirty Britain Rating: An investigative reporter, a dancing queen or the nation's big sister, Susanna Reid just can't decide who she wants to be.Interviewing a Texas inmate facing execution by lethal injection for the murder of a police officer, Susanna last night played the Hard-Hitting Journo in her two-part documentary, Death Row: Countdown To Execution (ITV).It's a role she has tackled before, during special reports on notorious UK murder cases. But this time, in a plain grey jacket, with her face scrubbed of make-up, she was trying so hard to exude the gravitas and moral weight of Sir Trevor McDonald that I expected her at any moment to slap on a false moustache.She acted like herself just once, as she drove to meet the killer's son. Singing along to Dolly Parton's Jolene, Susanna said fervently: 'She's so great.' Pop culture is her natural habitat, which makes it strange to see her quizzing a condemned man through the bulletproof screen at the maximum security jail in Huntsville, known as the execution capital of America.White-haired Patrick Murphy was one of seven violent criminals who carried out a string of armed robberies in 2000 after breaking out of prison. Off-duty police officer Aubrey Hawkins was gunned down in cold blood as he went to investigate. Murphy was the getaway driver and claims he was nowhere near the killing — although the robbers' car was driven over the bullet-ridden body of Officer Hawkins, the father of a young boy.Susanna didn't appear able to make up her mind about whether the death penalty was justified. Since filming the documentary, she has admitted on Loose Women that her emotions were dragged one way, then the other, apparently unaware that it isn't the job of a serious journalist to impose her own feelings on the report. ...Read more

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