Stunning competitive eater compares American food contests to the Olympics

A competitive eater has described how she ignores all her senses and enters a 'trance' in order to scoff down 3,000 calories in less than a minute.Leah Shutkever, 29, from Birmingham, is a fitness addict and competitive eater who is among the best in the UK. Among her achievements include eating a Domino's pizza in under a minute and a chocolate orange in under 50 seconds. The gym bunny says when she competes in a food challenge, her 'brain is mush' and she tries to eliminate all of her senses so she doesn't get distracted. She also 'crushes' mouthfuls so she can effectively take two bites at once. Having competed in America, she compared international contests 'to the Olympics' and called it an honour to represent the UK at such events.Leah, who goes to the gym six times a week, appears on tonight's Battle of The Supereaters: 3,000 calories a minute, which airs on Channel 4 at 9pm.She revealed she has a specific technique in order to scoff down food quickly, explaining: 'If I crush and take one bit, I'm able to swallow and take another bite at the same time.'She applies the technique broadly across all kinds of foods, and competes in speed eating challenges as well as quantity. Explaining her technique, she says: 'Eighty per cent of competitive eating is psychological. I breathe deep breaths, I see the finish line, and then I just go.''When I do a food challenge, my brain is mush. I don't breathe, I can't smell, I don't taste. The minute you look, sense or smell you overthink everything.'She added: 'It just takes that one minute of s ...Read more

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