Huawei wants Verizon to pay $1B in patent licensing fees

The latest development in the current US-China trade dispute is that Huawei is reportedly pushing for Verizon to pay for over 200 patents, to the tune of $1 billion.According to the New York Times, two people briefed on the matter have revealed that Huawei is calling for the US wireless giant to pay licensing fees on 238 patents. The Chinese company accused Verizon of violating these patents in a letter this spring, which The Wall Street Journal has also reported on, in which Huawei wrote "we trust you will see the benefits to taking a license to our patent portfolio". Since then, several emails, calls and meetings have taken place about the matter. Even just last week, there was a meeting in New York about the claims, so this story is still developing as tensions escalate between the US and China.While Verizon is not a customer of Huawei and doesn't purchase any Huawei products, it does rely on at least 20 vendors whic ...Read more

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