Samsung has patented a futuristic rollable smartphone display

Samsung's attempt at releasing the Galaxy Fold may not be going according to plan, given its durability issues and the indefinite postponement of its release date, but the South Korean firm is still dreaming big when it comes to innovative smartphone design. Samsung's patent for a rollable smartphone display was just uncovered by LetsGoDigital . Check it out below.The images inside the patent don't show exactly what one might expect when seeing the words 'rollable display'. Rather than rolling up the whole device like a newspaper, the mechanism is reminiscent of the slider phone styles of yesteryear, like the BlackBerry Priv.I hope they call this thing the Galaxy Roll. / © Samsung There's a place for the screen to curl up inside of the body of the phone, and the display can be unrolled to be made longer as the two pieces of the device slide away from each other. It's not clear whether th ...Read more

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