The best apps to use with Google Chromecast

Chromecast turns your 'dumb' TV into a smart TV, and Chromecast Audio streams audio to almost any speaker. Beam web browsers, streaming services and games from your device to your TV, or any audio to your speakers. The collection of compatible apps is always growing, so here's our list of the best Chromecast and Chromecast Audio apps. Jump to section: Movie and TV subscription servicesNetflixNetflix was one of the first streaming services available on TV. It has gone through many changes over the years – for better or worse – but you have some slick options available to you now. Note that Chromecast for Netflix is limited to Android devices with Android 4.1 or higher.With Netflix on your Chromecast, you can stream the entire Netflix library of movies and TV shows, in 1080p depending on your Wi-Fi connection. You can get HD videos with the standard HD plan that costs around $13 a month. Netflix on your Chromecast includes some decent features. You can have subtitles, audio dubbing and Surround Sound. And while you do get a good selection of movies and shows, the price is pretty high and Netflix has been increasing its prices and will likely do so again in the future. Netflix gives you a large variety of movies and shows to stream. / © AndroidPIT NetflixHulu PlusHulu, like Netflix, is a great TV show and movie-watching service, where you can stream unlimited amounts of either on your Android smartphone or tablet for a monthly fee. It has received high acclaim for offering a great selection of TV shows and movies and has some solid original content such as THe Handmaid's Tale and the Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock.All of this, of course, can be beamed from your smartphone or tablet to your TV via the wonderful Chromecast.Watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows with Hulu Plus. / © Hulu Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & moreHBO NowHBO Now, like HBO Go, is a standalone streaming service that doesn't require a cable subscription package. For $14.99 per month with HBO Now, you can have access to your favorite HBO shows not just on your phone, but also through Chromecast. Enjoy shows like Game of Thrones or The Wire on the big screen, without paying for cable.Enjoy HBO's massive hits on the big screen without paying for cable. / © HBO HBO NOW: Stream TV & MoviesApps for streaming from your smartphone to your TVAllCastAllCast, from legendary developer Koushik Dutta, is one of the original and best Chromecast streaming apps. AllCast not only works with Chromecast, it can also be used to stream to your Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Roku, Apple TV and more. Note that the free version has a five-minute viewing limit per session, so consider forking out the $4.99 for the premium version.AllCast was one of the original Chromecast apps, and it's still one of the best. / © AndroidPIT AllCastVideoStreamVideoStream is the VLC of Chromecast streaming: it plays everything. With no need for different codecs or plugins, VideoStream simply streams content from your laptop or PC direct to your Chromecast-equipped TV. That's right, this is actually a Chrome extension for your computer, but once it's installed, you just need to grab the VideoStream Remote app from the Play Store and you can control everything from your phone or tablet.From a phone, laptop or tablet, VideoStream just works. / © Team VideoStream Videostream Chromecast: MobileBubbleUPnPThe Chromecast already does a great job at streaming most things you throw it at directly from different devices, but BubbleUPnP acts as a great bridge to let you stream things from different DLNA devices, media servers and cloud storage services.BubbleUPnP has some nifty Chromecast-specific features too, such as transcoding various media formats that are incompatible with Chromecast by default so that they work with the dongle. Rounding off the great features is a playback queue, which lets you line up media from various different devices to play on your Chromecast.BubbleUPNP is a great hub of all your DLNA and UPnP devices, whose content you can then stream to Chromecast. / © Bubblesoft BubbleUPnP for DLNA/ChromecastPlexPlex is a personal multimedia app that lets you stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Android phone from any computer which is running Plex Media Server. It enables media syncing from your phone as well as from Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storage services.And now it goes a step further with Chromecast support: you can enjoy the services Plex has to offer on your HDTV. The mobile app is on the Play Store as a free demo, with additional features unlocked via a one-time purchase or a Plex Pass subscription for the more premium service.Sync, organize and view your media with Plex. / © Plex, Inc. PlexMusic streamingSpotifyIt was only in 2015 that Spotify support was added for Chromecast, but we' ...Read more

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