Huawei could give Sailfish OS a much deserved new lease of life

If there is an operating system for smartphones aside from Android that has always attracted my attention and has never disappointed me, it would certainly be Sailfish OS. Jolla's operating system with gesture navigation and support for Android apps could be set for a comeback thanks to Huawei and its problems with the US!If you've been following the news of the last few weeks, you know how Huawei is now struggling for its survival in the world of mobile telephony outside of China. The US has imposed a ban on Huawei that prevents it from having business relationships with US companies and as a result many brands have pulled the plug on the Chinese giant. Among these, Google stands out because it can no longer certify smartphones to run Android and cannot sign the agreements necessary for the inclusion in Android of Google services and Gapps.There have been many rumors about the existence of a proprietary operating system of Huawei ready to upset the market, however we know well that the prospects of success in a world split between Android and iOS is not so easy. Windows Phone and many others confirm this.Huawei is not only outside the USA, it cannot even trade with American companies. / © Ink Drop / The latest reports indicated how the Chinese brand had accelerated the development of this mysterious Hongmeng OS (Ark OS for the West) and aimed to have it ready by this fall for the launch of Mate 30 Pro. It is even rumored that major companies such as OPPO and Xiaomi are considering adopting the new operating system and that Honmeng OS natively supports Android applications and points to advanced security features. The news even talked about a 60% performance improvement over Android, which is hard to believe if you're somehow emulating that system to run your apps.The Bell's new report has lit up hope once again, however...Aurora OS might be the best choiceLooking at the global smartphone landscape it is difficult to see a valid candidate to become the replacement for Android. Windows Phone is dead, even with all the might of Microsoft behind it. Ubuntu Touch is a project on which there is not too much emphasis (to say the least). Firefox OS has never convinced. WebOS by LG (formerly HP/Palm) and Tizen are mainly used on TVs and wearable ...Read more

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