75% of Hindu social media users believe India belongs to all religions – survey

Three quarters of Hindu social media-using voters in India believe that the country belongs to all religions, while 28 percent of respondents believe that Muslims are highly nationalist, a new national survey has found. The survey, conducted by the Centre for Studies of Developing Societies (CSDS), studied the impact of social media in shaping public opinion in the lead-up to this year’s national election and found that recent increased exposure to social media has dramatically changed the playing field and shaped opinion, in rather surprising ways.Also on 4 killed in gun battle between rival Indian political parties Across all categories of social media users surveyed, three-quarters believed that India belongs to all religions equally, in contrast to the one-sixth of respondents who felt that India belongs exclusively to Hindus.Also, 28 percent of respondents with high social media exposure were more likely to believe that Muslims are highly nat ...Read more

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