Trump considering sanctions against Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to ‘protect Germany from Russia’

US president Donald Trump says he is considering slapping sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project, insisting that the US has a much “better” alternative for Europe. “[It’s] something that I’ve been looking at and I’m thinking about,” the US president said, answering a reporter’s question about using sanctions to block the project.He added that he was the one who’d brought up “the pipeline problem,” referring to his earlier attacks against Russia’s energy supplies to Europe, and Germany in particular, as it is the entry point of the new export gas pipeline.Also on America's ‘Golden Age’ can turn into energy colonialism for rest of the world – Rosneft boss “You know this gas is going into Germany. I say, 'How can you do that?' So, we’re protecting Germany from Russia,” he went on.However, Washington’s protective services seem to be about how Berlin spends its cash. As Moscow gets “billions” from Germany for energy, US LNG (liquefied natural gas) supplies, are “really the way if they want to spend a tremendous amount of money,” according to Trump.The US has been gradually boosting LNG shipments to Europe, which have been up 272 percent since last July. In March, EU-US trade in LNG reached the highest volume ever – more tha ...Read more

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