Pompeo woos India with ‘secure’ 5G, arms sales & nuke project after recent tensions

As the US warns India against buying Russian anti-air systems, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is gearing up for a trip to New Delhi, where he will try to sell American 5G tech, LNG gas, and arms to Narendra Modi’s government. Adamant that India and the US share a common vision “throughout the Indo-Pacific,” Washington wants New Delhi to prove its commitment to US interests by purchasing an entire lineup of US products and services, Mike Pompeo hinted on Wednesday ahead of his trip to the country on June 25.Pompeo also wants India to end its reliance on Venezuelan and Iranian crude by purchasing Liquefied Natural Gas and constructing six US-made nuclear power plants. “We want to complete the Westinghouse civil nuclear project, and deliver more LNG and crude,” Pompeo told the US-India Business Council. “These steps will give Indians reliable, affordable, diversified energy independence so they will no longer have to rely on difficult regimes like those in Venezuela and in Iran.” Also on India may retaliate against US after Trump yanks country’s preferential trade statusTrying to outmaneuver Chinese telecom giant Huawei from capturing India’s telecommunication markets, Pompeo also stressed that, “ we are eager to help India establish secure communications networks – including 5G networks,” noting that the US is committed to  “protect data and secure consumers’ privacy.” While acknowledging that Washington “respect[s] India as a truly sovereign, important country,” the chief diplomat made no secret that the military industrial ...Read more

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