Women in Technology: Nicky Bulmer-Jones

Liquid Web’s Technical Hiring Coordinator on tenacity, technology, and being unafraid to be yourself. “Never be embarrassed to like the things you like and never apologize for who you are.”Nicky Bulmer-Jones is unapologetically herself. A self-proclaimed nerd and avid lover of video games, she is on a mission to show young women and men that the tech field isn’t just a boys’ club.Though she has lived all over the country (in Hawaii, Nebraska, and Georgia) she always finds herself returning to the place she was born and raised— Lansing, Michigan— where she joined the Liquid Web team with just one month of self-taught server administration. That was 10 years ago.Since then, her accomplishments speak for themselves. During her decade at Liquid Web, she has become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator, earned her cPanel admin certification, become a supervisor, and helps others learn Linux. Though she has held several positions during her decade with the company, she currently serves as Technical Hiring Coordinator, interviewing candidates for employment, assessing their fit with the company and their technical abilities.Liquid Web was Bulmer-Jones’ first venture into the world of tech. Before joining Liquid Web, she worked in television, first as a Production Assistant. She ran camera, floor directed, rolled teleprompter, and did audio for newscasts. Eventually, she moved into Master Control, ensuring commercials ran at the correct times and that things were properly recorded.She attributes her success to tenacity, determination, her eagerness to try new things as well as, she says, stubbornness. As a child, she loved science and mathematics and looked up to her aunt, a successful electrical engineer. She also had a deep love for video games— a love which continues— that sparked her interested in technology.Without many role models, she is proud of all that she has accomplished. “I set goals for myself. I accomplish them. I set the next one,” she says. “There have been people that have influenced me on the way, ...Read more

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