Coincidence or conspiracy? Twitter abuzz after global crash during Trump’s bias & free speech tirade

It’s been a hard day for Twitter. First the platform’s executives were not invited to the White House social media summit, then it experienced technical difficulties and a global outage, provoking whispers of a conspiracy. Twitter says the worldwide outages were caused by “an internal configuration change,” but many of its users soon smelled a rat, claiming foul play was afoot. “Ironic this occurs as @POTUS holds his #SocialMediaSummit here -- without inviting #Twitter,” noted Voice of America journalist Steve Herman, to which one person replied “It’s only ironic if it’s coincidence.” Also on Twitter goes down amid Trump’s social media summit “Was this a [demonstration] for Trump or demo by DT hackers?” another user asked. “I wonder if ... Twitter experienced alleged ‘technical difficulties’ to sabotage Trump & his fellow patriots?” one Trump supporter inquired.Other users offered more ...Read more

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