Michael Sheen's new girlfriend is only the latest beauty he has wooed since Kate Beckinsale split

With his grey-streaked beard and mop of unruly hair, Welsh actor Michael Sheen makes an unlikely heart-throb.But, at 50, he has just announced that his new girlfriend, who is half his age, is expecting his baby. Stunning Swede Anna Lundberg, 25, is just the latest in a line of beautiful women Sheen has romanced. Starting with British actress Kate Beckinsale, with whom he has daughter, Lily, who was born in 1999, he has squired co-stars, comedians and a ballet dancer — all of whom have been far more conventionally striking than him.So what do all the ladies see in Sheen? Alison Boshoff takes a headcount . . .1. The Swedish Ingenue Dated from: May 2019Who? Anna Lundberg.The romance: It’s not known how Sheen met aspiring actress Anna Lundberg. They are understood to have been dating since at least May and she went to the New York and London screenings of his new TV series Good Omens, in which he plays an angel, observing that she was ‘overwhelmed with pride’ for him.She says on Instagram that she is a ‘Swedish/NYC actress currently living in the UK’ — she has appeared in productions of Othello and Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening.She has been posting loving pictures of Sheen since May. He said on Twitter this week: ‘Very happy to let everyone know that my partner Anna and I are expecting a little angel of our own. (Just to be clear — we’re having a baby!)’Sheen is said to be ‘determined to make a go’ of the fledgling romance.2. Stunning stand upDated from: April 2018-March 2019Who? Aisling BeaThe romance: Irish stand-up comedian Aisling Bea, 35, started dating Sheen in April 2018, and they were seen together at the Olivier awards that month. An onlooker said: ‘They stayed close all evening and he leapt to her defence when a reveller smashed a glass near her, making sure she was OK.’They were together in New York in December 2018 at a charity shop to help refugees, but by March 2019 their romance was over, with Aisling attending the musical Hamilton with Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield.3. Poldark's girlfriendDated: May 2018Who? Caitlin FitzGeraldThe (possible) romance: Fitz-Gerald, 36 — an American actress from Maine, plays Sheen’s ex-wife Libby in Masters Of Sex and the two of them clearly struck up a friendship during the making of the show between 2013 and 2016.In May 2018, they were seen attending a Rolling Stones concert together in London, sparking talk of a romance.However, the following month, FitzGerald was seen canoodling with Poldark hunk Aidan Turner, whom she is still dating. And, of course, Sheen had already started seeing Aisling Bea, so either the romance was fleeting or maybe they were just friends. 4. Fabulous funnygirl Dated from: 2014-2018Who? Sarah SilvermanThe romance: Leading comedian Sarah Silverman, 48, got her break on U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live and was certainly the bigger star in America by the time she and Sheen started dating in 2014, with her own show on Comedy Central, and a high-profile romance with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.She and Sheen were first seen together in February 2014 and went to the Met Gala Ball as a couple in May. She said: ‘This is so awkward. Listen, I love ...Read more

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