Iranian tanker leaves Gibraltar despite US demands to seize it

The Iranian oil tanker 'Grace 1,' newly released by Gibraltar and renamed 'Adrian Darya 1,' has reportedly set sail, maritime tracking data shows. It comes after a last-minute US request demanding its seizure was rejected. The tanker left the Gibraltar port at around midnight local time, shipping data showed.Excited ship spotters took to Twitter to report that marine traffic monitoring sites showed the vessel moving towards open seas. However, its speed soon came to a near-halt, prompting discussions as to whether it was a technical problem or a false start.> ....and there she goes! After 46 days in Gibraltar Waters sparking an international incident with Iran, the Adrian Darya, formerly the Grace 1, is leaving...> > — GBC News (@GBCNewsroom) August 18, 2019About half an hour later, however, the tanker picked up speed, reaching Spanish waters and heading into international waters.The tanker with some 2.1 million barrels of oil on board was seized by the UK off Gibraltar in early July. Washington a ...Read more

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