Facebook tells Trump ads can't appeal to 'strong women LIKE YOU,' caving in to ex-Clinton staffer

US President Donald Trump is breaking the law – Facebook law, that is. His campaign’s crime? Assuming the gender of potential voters in ads, which now have to be removed from the social media platform. The alarm over Trump’s campaign ads was sounded by ThinkProgress founder Judd Legum, who claimed that Facebook is allowing itself to be used as a vehicle for spreading the president’s lies. The latest falsehood to be slain by this election integrity crusader? An ad from “ Women for Trump ” imploring the viewer that the president “ needs the support of strong women like you! ”Also on Snopes roasted after posting 'study' claiming 28% of Republicans think Babylon Bee articles are real“ Donald Trump has a problem with women ,” ex-Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Legum snarked on his site Popular Information on Monday, pointing out that more than 60 percent of women disapprove of the president according to some recent polls. But trying to change those women’s mind is apparently even worse than disappointing them, because Legum went out of his way to get the “ Women for Trump ” ad removed from Facebook.“ This ad, and others like it, violate Facebook’s rules ,” Legum huffed, boasting that his report alone got the ad knocked off the platform. The Trump campaign’s mistake? Including the language “ like you ” in the ad copy – under the platform’s increasingly stringent regulations, ads “ must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes ” including gender. “ Trump needs the support of strong women ” is fine – “ Trump needs the support of strong women like you ” is not.Popular Information has done this before, torpedoing a series of hundreds of female-focused Trump ads in April by ratting them out to Facebook. The ads all included the opener “ Attention ladies ,” and were thus forbidden under the same rationale as the “ Women for Trump ” ad. There, too, Legum expressed shock they had not been taken down earlier, claiming Facebook was “ asleep at the wheel ” and risked a repeat of 2016 (in which, in his telling, Trump sailed to victory on a tide of “ pro-Trump misinformation ” while Facebook looked the other way).Legum isn’t entirely off the mark in calling out Trump’s campaign ads for breaking Facebook’s rules. Some appear to serve up false info, such as an ad claiming Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden ...Read more

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