TC Energy applauds Nebraska court victory over opponents of Keystone XL pipeline

One of the last major hurdles for the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline was removed on Friday by the Nebraska Supreme Court, which rejected an attempt to force the developer to reapply for state approval.The court upheld the decision of regulators who voted in November 2017 to greenlight a route through the state. The court's decision was a victory for the $8 billion US project, which has been mired in lawsuits and regulatory hearings since it was proposed in 2008."The Supreme Court decision is another important step as we advance towards building this vital energy infrastructure project," said Russ Girling, CEO of the Calgary-based proponent of the line, TC Energy Corp., in a statement."We thank the thousands of government leaders, landowners, labour unions and other community partners for their continued support through this extensive review process. It has been their unwavering support that has advanced this project to where it is today."Canadian oil glutThe expansion of the Keystone pipeline system, along with Enbridge Inc.'s Line 3 replacement pipeline and the recently approved Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, are being counted on by Canadian producers to allow production gains and help relieve a glut of trapped oil in the West.The Nebraska Public Service Commission voted 3-2 in favour of an "alternative route" for Keystone XL instead of TC Energy's preferred pathway for the pipeline.Lawyers for the opponents argued that TC Energy's application was only valid for its preferred route, and the company formerly known as TransCanada could only seek approval for one route at a time.'In the public interest'The high court on Friday sided with the state, saying the Public Service Commission is the agency responsible for determining which pipeline route is in the public interest, and that it did so after months of consideration."We find there is sufficient evidence to support the PSC's determination that the (alternative route) is in the public interest," Justice Jeffrey Funke wrote for the court.If completed, the 1,897-kilometre pipeline would carry as much as 830,000 barrels of crude per day from Hardisty, Alta., throu ...Read more

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