Kugluktuk man finds message in a bottle 9 years after it was sent adrift

David "Norberg" Klengenberg was gathering wood near the shore of the Arctic Ocean for a recent camping trip when he spotted something gleaming on the sand.Curious, the Kugluktuk, Nunavut, resident wandered over, and picked up a bottle. Upon inspection, Klengenberg was surprised to find there was a note inside. When he read the message, he saw it was written in 2010."I was like 'oh, it's been nine years it's travelled'... it's cool," said Klengenberg.The author of the letter was an eleven-year-old girl named Laura.She began with: "Hi random person!" Before sharing that she lives in Sidney, B.C., and that "her hobbies are reading and writing, and I have a huge bookcase at home."8,000 bottles dropped into oceansLaura's letter is part of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Drift Bottle Project, which began in 2007.Eight thousand bottles have been deployed at locations across the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans at different times throughout the year.The message found by Klengenberg was written by Laura, an 11-year-old girl from Sidney, B.C., who liked reading and writing. (Submitted by Leslie Klengenberg)So far, 2,000 of those bottles have been dropped in the Arctic Ocean.One goal is to study how the surface waters move, said Humfrey Melling, a research scientist with the Fisheri ...Read more

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