Natural Resources Management and Development Portal

Natural Resources Management and Development Portal website developed in VB.NET and SQL database which provides awareness and conservation of India’s  wildlife system. This final year student project will act as a platform for wildlife conservationists and ecologists. This project also share the knowledge and recent trends about wildlife. Indian wildlife is a web based application which provides a high-level and clear information about protecting animals. This Indian wildlife project provides alertness, it will give all the detailed information on various rare Indian animals along with the coverage of all species of animals in India.This application will portray all the recent wildlife success stories. This project gives an opportunity for users to participate in Wildlife blogs, forums, internships, conferences and other awareness programs.Indian wildlife provides a facility to the user to know about details of  any animal. He can give suggestions or he can upload particular video or images or presentation on a particular animal. This project will develop research and allows user to participate on subjects like animal communications. Objectives of Natural Resources Management and Development PortalThe main aim of developing the application ...Read more

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