18 Years After 9/11, US Drops 80,000 lbs. of Bombs on ISIS-Infested Island, War on Radical Islamic Terror Rages On

A US-led coalition of warplanes conducted an airstrike against an Islamic State stronghold in Iraq on Tuesday, dropping 40 tons of bombs on an island in the Tigris River in order to deny the terror group a safe haven, according to Operation Inherent Resolve.OIR Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III posted a video of the airstrike to Twitter with the caption: "Here's what it looks like when @USAFCENT #F15 and #F35 jets drop 36,000 Kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island."> VIDEO: Here's what it looks like when @USAFCENT #F15 and #F35 jets drop 36,000 Kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island. هكذا تبدوا الجزيرة الموبوءة بداعش بعد أن أسقطت عليها الطائرات المقاتلة #أف-15 و #أف-35 36,000 كغم من الذخيرة> > — OIR Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III (@OIRSpox) September 10, 2019US F-15 and F-35 aircraft dropped 80,000 pounds of munitions on Qanus Island, located in the Salah ad Din Province, north of Baghdad, to disrupt ISIS fighters' "ability to hide in the thick vegetation," the coalition said in a statement.According to the coalition, the territory north of Baghdad is "infested" with Islamic State fighters, also known as ISIS or Daesh.The assault is part of a larger campaign by US and Iraqi forces targeting the terror group."We're denying Daesh the ability to hide on Qanus Island," Maj. Gen. Eric Hill, the commander of the coalition's special operations forces, said in the statement, referring to the group by its Arabic acronym. "We're setting the conditions for our partner forces to continue bringing stability to the region."Meanwhile, a little more than 1,400 miles to the west, a rocket exploded on the US Embassy compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, early Wednesday morning on this 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC. No one was injured.It was the first major attack in the Afghan capital since President Trump called off the US-Taliban peace talks over the weekend after the Taliban claimed ...Read more

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