Your Kids May Become LGBT Billboards Next Week: Soccer Mom Sounds Alarm on Activist Agenda

Homosexual activists have declared next week as "Play With Pride" week, and they want all soccer athletes – including kids – to wear rainbow laces on their soccer cleats to show their support.On its website, United Soccer Coaches is promoting this third year of Pride week: "Teams across the country can show their support for athletes and coaches in the LGBTQ+ community by wearing rainbow laces. Laces are available upon request for all United Soccer Coaches members at the club, high school or collegiate level."The USC is also encouraging players to post and tag to social media their participation in the gay pride effort. But soccer mom Jennifer Bryson is pushing back, saying the promotion of a particular viewpoint with which some players may disagree violates international rules of the game, and freedom of conscience. "Not everyone agrees with the causes represented by the LGBT rainbow," Bryson writes on her website.FIFA is the international governing body for soccer. Bryson says wearing what everybody knows is a political symbol on a uniform or sports kit clearly violates FIFA rules, which state: "Equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images." Bryson says politics –  anyone's politics – do not belong in sports. She has founded Let All Play, a project which advocates to get politics out of sports and has started an international petition to FIFA to get this international governing body of soccer to enforce its own rules against political symbols, such as the LGBT rainbow, on soccer uniforms.But beyond the rules-breaking, something greater is at stake, she argues. The violation of rules has led to the violation of the rights of players and hindered the careers of those who don't agree with efforts like the "Pride" promotion."Players who have declined to wear the LGBT rainbow in international and league play have been harassed and now risk being disadvantaged in their careers," Bryson writes in her blog.A recent example of that is when the US Women's National Team blocked a top p ...Read more

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