Five Eyes allies raising questions as damage control continues in Cameron Ortis case: sources

Members of the Five Eyes intelligence bloc are already raising questions about the type of information accessible to Cameron Ortis as the director of an intelligence unit within the RCMP, diplomatic sources tell CBC News. The Five Eyes, made up of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, is one of the world's leading intelligence-sharing networks, linking some of the most powerful countries in the world. Diplomatic sources speaking to CBC on condition of anonymity said the alliance is worried that Ortis, charged under Canada's national secrets act, had access to their allied information. Ortis — a 47-year-old senior intelligence official at the RCMP —  was arrested Thursday and appeared in an Ottawa court Friday, facing five counts under the Security of Information Act. He's also been charged with two Criminal Code violations. The rarely invoked Security of Information Act was created to make sure operatives who know Canada's top secrets keep them secret. Ortis is accused of communicating special operational information back in 2015 and faces a slew of charges related to preparing, in the past year, to share either safeguarded or operational information with a foreign entity or terrorist group.Little is known about what information he was gathering and to whom he allegedly was preparing to pass it, but sources who knew of Ortis's work said he likely had access to Mountie operations, intelligence dossiers and information from Canada's allies.  Allies waiting for details of Ortis caseDiplomatic sources said the Five Eyes alliance is waiting for a formal damage assessment from the public safety minister's office, and said some members are already questioning how Ortis was able to hoard information within the RCMP.  "There's really no overstating ...Read more

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