How the parties deal with fizzles and flops on the campaign trail

Although each federal leader set out on Day 1 of the campaign with a specific message in mind, even the best-laid plans can wither in the election cycle.And that's what happened this week, a trio people with extensive experience in campaign management and political messaging told The House. "I don't think any party had a really clean launch," said Yaroslav Baran, who has worked for the Conservatives.According to Baran, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was on the defensive over the SNC-Lavalin affair, which Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer chose to hammer away at, instead of framing his own party's ballot issue. As for the New Democrats, the party was "kind of lost in the shuffle" and was reeling from some candidate controversies.On the very first day of the federal election campaign Justin Trudeau was confronted with a report that the RCMP was looking into possible obstruction of justice around the SNC Lavalin aff ...Read more

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