'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' works for Apple, but not for cars makers

Apple's big keynote event brought new iPhones and more products that despite not being particularly innovative, still work. Meanwhile, the car industry is in crisis.Winner of the week: AppleOn Tuesday it was time again: new iPhone day! At the Steve Jobs Theater, the company with the bitten apple presents its three new iPhones. The critics, including me at least partially, were quick to get started: these things are much too expensive, the new camera is ugly as hell, there's no 5G, and anyway, Android smartphones can do all of this much better already.This is not exactly breaking news, and Apple has long ceased to be a driver of innovation, but one thing is clear: although the sale of the iPhone 11 began on Friday the 13th, it will again break records and drive many, many Apple fans to the online shop or to the 'geniuses' in the Apple store. By the way: anyone who wants to get a bargain should be looking for offers for used iPhones of the previous generation, which are currently offered everywhere by the thousand. No matter how you twist and turn it, Apple continues as before, and it's working really well for them.And it's not just the iPhone. The new affordable iPad will sell like hotca ...Read more

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