Free-runner fell to his death in Waterloo

A man who plunged to his death from scaffolding in central London was an accomplished free-runner who had scaled many of the capital's most iconic landmarks. Johnny 'Snyper' Turner, a renowned parkour enthusiast and member of London's 'urban exploration' community, fell to his death from a block of flats in Waterloo on Friday night.The 28-year-old had used his parkour skills to climb many of London's most well-known buildings, including Battersea Power Station and the Barbican, to capture extraordinary photographs of the city from above. Tragically, Turner - described as a 'pioneer' of the community - was found at the foot of Windmill House in Wandsworth, having reportedly fallen eight-storeys. His best friend and fellow urban explorer Harry Dibsdale paid tribute to the free-runner in a raw and emotional Facebook post.'I f*****g love you man. Still can't believe this. No one saw the significance in what we were doing as much as you. 'Your attitude to life helped me through so much shit and you knew how much I valued everything we did together. 'More memorable moments with you than anyone else, the things we saw and did together are some of the best memories in my entire life.' Friends and well-wishers also paid tribute to the late free-runner while donating money to help with funeral costs. Aiste Karnisauskaite said: 'Johnny was truly one of a kind. One of the most wonderful and kindest souls I have ever met. A creative pioneer as well as inspiration. Love and strength to his family and those who lost a brother. You'll be greatly missed bud.'Kevin Barthelemy said: 'Johnny, your open mindedness, positive energy, love and presence will be truly missed bu ...Read more

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